At the General Assembly held in Debrecen (Hungary) in june 2007, the International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) entrusted representatives of Quebec with the task of creating a regional network of basin organizations in North America, from Greenland to Panama, including the Caribbean. This type of regional network already exists in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, etc.

In the weeks that followed, a steering committee comprised of representatives from Quebec, Ontario and the United States, was created. The work of this committee led to the founding of the North American Network of Basin Organizations (NANBO) in Quebec City in October 2009, with technical and financial support of Québec Metropolitan Community.

The creation of the NANBO coincides with the principles of voluntary compliance to the Morelia Declaration privileging integrated watershed management as the chosen approach to achieving global, balanced and rational water resources management and to ensure the quality of life on Earth, and the sustainable development of society.

The NANBO is open to all watershed organizations and government organizations in charge of water resource management, as well as other concerned partners and stakeholders in North America, from Greenland to Panama, including the Antilles.

Provisional Committee

The creation of NANBO would not have been possible without the valuable collaboration and efforts of representatives from organizations in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Indeed, the NANBO Provisional Committee met five times between October 2008 and the Founding Meeting, which took place on October 15, 2009. NANBO would like to thank the representatives of the following organizations in recognition of their outstanding work:

  • Normand Cazelais
  • Marc Hudon
  • Hubert Chamberland (COVABAR)
  • Guy Dubé (COVABAR)
  • Charles Billington (RVCA)
  • Mike Puddister (CVC)
  • William G. Howland (LCBP)
  • Antoine Verville (ROBVQ)
  • Elli MacDonald (Pollution Probe)
  • Matthew Retallack (Pollution Probe)
  • Sasha Kebo (Pollution Probe)
  • Dennis O'Grady (South Nation Conservation)