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Above Water: Learning From Three Albertan Leaders

Thomas S. Axworthy | 2013

Leadership is a term much used, and little understood. Searching «leadership« online shows 459 million results, and books on the topic - especially from business school presses - tumble out at a prodigious rate. Yet despite the overwhelming attention paid to the concept, its meaning is so contested that important thinkers, like Henry Mintzberg of McGill University, argue against «the cult of leadership,» asking «Have you heard the word «leadership» lately «say, in the last 10 minutes?»

1 His advice: we make too much fuss about it and should stop.?

2 Despite Mintzberg's healthy skepticism about exaggerated notions of leadership, while we ignore more mundane tasks like management and implementation, still, the nature of leadership has preoccupied us throughout history...

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National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2008?2009. A Collaborative Survey

United States Environmental Protection Agency | 2013

EPA and its state, tribal, federal and other partners have completed the report highlighting the work on the first survey of the nation's rivers and streams (National Rivers and Streams Assessment, NRSA 2008-2009). This survey combines an assessment of the nation's rivers with the second national survey of small wadeable streams (Wadeable Streams Assessment (WSA)). Planning is also underway for the next survey of the nation's rivers and streams (NRSA 2013-2014).

This survey uses a random sampling design to provide regional and national estimates of the condition of rivers and streams. States and tribes use consistent sampling and analytical procedures to ensure that results can be compared across the country and over time. The NRSA is one of a series of surveys being implemented to periodically generate statistically-valid and...

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