Source Water Protection


Tools and Approaches for Source Water Protection in Canada Governance for Source Water Protection in Canada, Report No. 1

Simms, G., Lightman, D. and de Loë, R. | 2010

Source water protection (SWP) is a significant component of effective water management. Sources of drinking water, including lakes, rivers and aquifers, can be protected using a suite of management approaches designed to ensure acceptable water quality and quantity conditions for

a diverse range of uses.

Source water protection is most closely linked to drinking water safety. While this is appropriate, a broader perspective also exists. For example, agriculture requires water of a particular quality for purposes such as watering livestock and irrigating certain crops. Consistent quantities of water of a certain quality also are critical to many other industrial and commercial activities. At the same time, protection of sources of water for human uses can contribute to the maintenance of watershed conditions that support...

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