Water Management, Water Security and Climate Change Adaptation: Early Impacts and Essential Responses

Global Water Partnership (GWP) | 2009

This paper argues that water resources management should be a focus for climate change adaptation and that IWRM is the most suitable approach to adaptive action. It outlines the likely social, economic and environmental impacts of climate change; the challenges climate change poses for water resources management; the actions needed to address those challenges - investments in infrastructure, institutions and information; and approaches to financing IWRM for adaptation.

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The Natural Fix? The role of ecosystems in climate mitigation. A UNEP rapid response assessment.

Kate Trumper, Monika Bertzky, Barney Dickson, Geertje van der Heijden, Martin Jenkins, Pete Manning | 2009

This report, compiled for World Environment Day on 5 June, underlines a far greater potential across a wider suite of natural systems ? a potential to not only combat climate change and climate-proof vulnerable economies but to accelerate sustain- able development and the achievement of the poverty-related Millennium Development Goals.

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