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Water Audit Manual. Volume 4, United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

UN-Habitat | 2013

This manual is part of a Utility Management Series for Small Towns. The Water Audit manual gives guidance on all aspects from when water gets to the distribution system to when water finally gets to the consumer. The scope of this water balance manual covers all aspects from the water supplied to the distribution system as well as water losses and/or used with the distribution system and what eventually reaches to the customer's premises and is billed/converted into revenue for the utility. The manual covers the procedures for determination of the various components of the water balance.

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Risk and Integrated Water Management

Global Water Partnership (GWP) | 2002

This paper attepmts to address different risk categories that water managers and water users are faced. It argues that risk managment is a distributive issue that cannot be treated solely as a technical matter best handled by experts. It involves the allocation of wealth and welfare between water sectors, communities and individual users; those affected need to be involved in decision making.

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