Canada as the Water Solutions Country: Defining the Opportunities

David Crane | 2013

This next paper is designed to help frame and meaningfully advance a national conversation around Canada's opportunities to become a global leader in water sustainability and innovation. This includes the development and application of water-related «resources» - knowledge, business skills and ingenuity - to implement a winning strategy with respect to best management and use of water.

This paper is divided into three sections:

  1. An overview of the global water context and some of the opportunities and drivers for water innovation.
  2. A snapshot of current water strengths, capabilities, assets, key players, and gaps that need to be filled to engender innovation, based on a realistic look at our «bench strength».
  3. Next steps and key questions that warrant further discussion around becoming a water solutions country.

The intent of the following paper is not to provide exhaustive research or a concrete strategy. Rather, this paper is meant to focus dialogue...

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Water as a Social and Economic Good: How to Put the Principle into Practice

Global Water Partnership (GWP) | 1998

The paper is divided into three sections. The first presents the general principles and methodologies for estimating costs and values in the water sector. The second section illustrates estimates of costs and values in urban, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Section three summarizes results and conclusions.

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